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Ampito Group

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Hundreds of information technology resources are needed daily, and organisations are moving towards restructuring traditional workplaces to facilitate work at home, eliminate fixed costs, and improve productivity and performance. Managing your IT effectively to improve overall performance and efficiency is now crucial for businesses.

Supporting innovation, remote and secure productivity with 24 hours / 365 day service, providing organisations with truly comprehensive management and monitoring of every aspect of their IT infrastructure.

This is the ethos of the Ampito Group, founded in 2006, which seeks out innovative solutions to help organisations run more effectively whether infrastructure, security, cloud, data centre networking, wireless and mobility, digital media and marketing solutions through its dedicated business units, within the group.

With customers including FTSE 350 and Fortune 500 across industries such as Finance, Public Sector, Ecommerce, Technology and Government rely on Ampito’s highly skilled teams of engineers.

For these reasons, Amvima offers an all-in-one solution for the corporate mobile needs. Providing unparalleled access from key service providers and secured and encrypted connectivity, to support the modern worker. In these times when corporations operate across the globe, RedSpam is our specialised team in cybersecurity, which secures businesses providing full DDoS protection and mitigation solutions that prevent targeted malicious attacks from customers’ infrastructures. In addition, RedSwan offers the best of breed of SD-WAN managed and fully adaptable to your needs. Guaranteeing the most efficient and cost-effective multi-site connection, RedSwan enables teams across the world to maximise collaboration and productivity.

This is the Ampito Group. Discover a world of solutions for your business with our dedicated teams of experts.

Ampito Group

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