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Flightserve International provides a private jet charter service internationally with over 7,000 aircraft in one global network. Time flies, spend it wisely.

Flightserve offer:

  • Instant private jet charter pricing online
  • Compare & book any global flight
  • Highly skilled aviation specialists available 24/7
  • VIP assistance at airports
  • VIP door to door service
  • Unparalleled safety records
  • Over 20 years of experience

Trusted by heads of state, celebrities, NHS, sporting personalities and prominent business leaders the world over.

Flightserve International operates as the leading air ambulance service worldwide. Flightserve is the main provider for the UK’s National Health Service in movement of medical teams and transporting time critical donor organs throughout Europe.

Highly experienced in aircraft management, flight planning, sales, acquisitions and cargo charter. The company holds accreditations for, MEBA, NBAA, EBAA, BHA, BACA and British Ambulance Association.

Highly skilled in moving horses internationally whether for competition, racing, breeding or re-location. The priority is to ensure that your horse travels comfortably, safely and efficiently to their chosen final destination.

Contact Flightserve International on:

email: ops@flightserve.co.uk

telephone: +44(0)20 3970 3951

Flightserve Website
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